Why heat electrically?

Winkler electrical heating solutions protect against frost and ensure functionality of your system for process temperatures up to 900 °C - flexible and perfectly fitted.

Our solutions for your application areas will convince you. Come have a look!

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News: "ATEX products from Winkler now also possible up to SIL3 applications"

winklerex bereichehazardous areasatmospheres explosiblesatex

Heating solutions for hazardous areas (ATEX)

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Heating solutions for exhaust measurements

winkler umweltmesstechnikenvironmental messurementanalyse enviromentale

Heating solutions for process and environmental measurements

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Heating solutions for chemical and thermal processes

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Heating solutions for glueing

Industrielle Grossverpackungen Industrial packaging

Heating solutions for filling and dosing

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Heating solutions for trains and railways